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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Run Extension Kit B

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Good product but... - Andrew,

Enables extension of an existing (already extended) run exactly as you'd expect, but is way overpriced in my opinion. Would be nice to if you got a generous discount for ordering extension A & B together to encourage owners to maximise the space given to their chickens - there's certainly more than enough room in the huge box product is delivered in!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

Poor instructions to erect - Sara,

Hi, My husband and I found this extension very difficult to add to our existing omlet run - it certainly took longer than the 15 minutes suggested - better written instructions would have helped - and advice

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

Run extension - An Omleteer,

Forgot to order the run converter so haven't fitted it yet! Would be great if website prompted you to remember the converter as a check when placing an order.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2010

Has its faults - An Omleteer,

A well made product, however by the time you have extended the run another 2m, it makes the whole thing very difficult to move + therefore very difficult to clean. Also, can't really place anything interesting for the hens inside, perches etc, as you can't lift the run over them. Hens get bored so still free ranging at the mo and looking for another solution!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2009