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Verified Reviews for 90 Single Omlet Run Clips

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Invaluable!!! - Tim, Lancashire,

Well worth investing in an additional pack of run clips, there well made, easy to install. Really helpful to have a pack ready should you need to replace existing clips or add to your run.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Always Good To Have Spares - Jan,

Having take down and moved our Eglu twice now it’s always good to have spare clips for the run. Easily purchased from the website and delivery was quick.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

As expected - Daniel, Durham,

Always good to have extra's.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Brilliant Design - Lynne, Scottish Borders,

easy to attach, but even easier when warmed in water first, no sharp edges, visually great. very happy with this product

Verified Purchase: Sep 2017

Run Clips - Natalie,

The run clips were relatively easy to clip on to the run and hold the run together. Consequently the clips do what they are supposed to do.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2017

Quality Run Clips - Wray,

These are a must for replacing your old run clips as they do perish and go brittle from the weather. Easy to use and very strong much better quality than cheaper versions you can get elsewhere.

Omlet clips - Michelle,

These are great,takes a bit if getting used to but once your in the flow there easy to use and very simple.great from replacing those that have perished in differing weather conditions,however they do last a very long time and replacing them will be a rare thing to do.

Verified Purchase: May 2016

Good quality clips - Wray, Essex,

Bought these to replace old clips on a second hand run I purchased. Previous owner had used some identical clips which didn't have the omlet logo on which were not as good, some had deteriorated and gone brittle. Feel much more confident that fitting these new clips will make sure mr foxy can't get in, well worth spending money on ! Easy to fit once you get the nack !

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Soak in hot water first ! - Vintage,

These work brilliantly IF you put them in hot water to warm them up and soften them a bit before you use them . Once warmed they clip the parts of the run beautifully and the design is very satisfying and clever and works as I imagine it was designed to do .Without soaking them first they are inflexible in the cold and after attaching 100's on a large run , your finger tips will be raw and probably your temper quite frayed ! Once I put them in the hot water I couldn't believe the difference and they were a joy to use . They blend in very well too . I was delighted to find if you need to adjust or expand your run that they can be removed cold, without ripping your fingers to shreds , by twisting in between where the two edges nearly meet with a flat headed screw driver. Without these two tips it just shows how nice and strong they are against any predators ... very reassuring and highly recommended.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

excellent - Judith,

Omlet's customer service is exemplary.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

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