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Verified Reviews for 90 Single Omlet Run Clips

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O.K - James,

No issue with the products (as ever) but do believe it to be totally unnecessary to send the order in three large boxes when it was more then capable of fitting in one??? Very wasteful not to mention the additional wasted trips for the delivery driver.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

RUN CLIPS - Carol,

These have been redesigned since I last bought some. Definitely better.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Replacement run clips - David,

I bought an Eglu cube and run from a neighbour who was moving to a flat and having to give up keeping hens. A lot of the clips were damaged by him when he was undoing them so I bought a replacement bag. Made reassembly a lot quicker and easier and I have plenty left to fit an extension run when I can source one.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Effective - Anna-Maria,

They do the job but are difficult to fit.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2018