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Verified Reviews for Eglu Cube Mk2 - 1m Run Extension

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Chicken Math requires a Run Extension - Melissa, Surrey,

I bought our coop with a 9ft run and very soon realized “Chicken Math” is real and bought this 3ft Run Extension for our growing flock. The flock has been secure from predators.

This reviewer has 8-10 Silkies, Ameraucanas pets

good decision - Claire, Surrey,

When my wife ordered the original kit she did not realize the length of the run included the space under the coop. That left the 7 chickens we have in a very cramped space. They were used to a run that was 24 ft until they were moved to the current location. So the 6 ft of extension that was purchased helped a great deal. Hard to move when there are no handles available but otherwise, much better for the birds.

This reviewer has 6-8 Auracanas pets

Now the chickens have plenty of room and we can re-seed the lawn! - Mike, Surrey,

Very happy with the 1m extension to the run - I feel that my 3 buff orpington hens now have enough room not to be let out, so that we can re-seed the lawn! Only 4 stars because it feels a little overpriced.

This reviewer has 2-4 Buff Orpington pets

Fabulous product - Lesley, Surrey,

I am so very happy with my purchase. It is very easy to clean. I am 70 and find the pull out try light and easy to handle. My chickens were very happy to come out of lockdown today. Whilst the threat of bird flu kept them under cover for 3 months it was very easy to care for them in their new Iglu cube and run complete with wind break, heavy duty rain cover and sun shade. I was able to add feed and water without entering their run. The automatic door and easy cleaning from the rear also done without entering their run.

Quick and easy to extend the run. - Robert, Surrey,

I purchased this extension to give my chooks more space when they went into bird flu lockdown. If you have built an Eglu you will have no problems adding an extension. Great product.

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Chicken extension - Judith, Surrey,

Bought at the beginning of chicken lockdown (bird flu restrictions) to give our Bantams more room as they are used to wandering round the garden.

This reviewer has 2-4 Pekin Bantams pets

Superb product! - Lorraine, Surrey,

Very high quality. Looks lovely. Definitely needs 2 people to build.

Easy to Add - Suzett, Surrey,

I bought this extension to give my girls a bit more room. They like it. I like it. All good!

- Joe, Surrey,

The extra space the run gives is good for the 3 hens. Easy to instal and cover.

- Tabitha, Surrey,

excellent quality

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