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Excellent! - Hazel,

These extra door panels are fantastic. I have one door on each side, one at the Go end, one at the other end. This means that I can get into everywhere very easilt. I wish I'd bought a second additional door at the same time (to save on postage). to put at the end. This is great for the chooks as they can have multiple exits and entrances. It's great for me, as I use my Go mainly for chicks, and having multiple access points makes it less easy for the chicks to hide at the other end of the run from the door. Omlet should offer additional panels as part of the buying process and, if they are replacing panels (rather than extras, if you see what I mean) they could perhaps be offered at a cheaper price. I will no doubt be adding another one to my basket next time I make an Omlet purchase.

extra eglu go panels - Peter,

I bought an end panel with door and a plain panel to extend my run, I have managed to source some mesh of same to make a roof panel. I will send you some pictures. The house is good for three hens but the run does need an extra metre. Overall a great product and your service is friendly and helpful. Many thanks.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

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