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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Classic - Full Length

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A great item - Sarah,

A super heavy duty sunshade/and or rain cover. It covers the 2m run completely, whereas the one i had previously left a bit of a roof gap for chucks to see the skies, which I actually prefer. However, they get complete protection from the weather - sun or rain. Another fantastic Omlet product.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Very good keeps birds warm and dry. - Samuel,


Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Cover for Eglu with 1 metre extension. - Anthony,

I use this cover to protect my chickens from the elements both in the winter and summer. Ideally I need a cover which is rectangular at least a metre wide and 2 metres in length. The Classic fulfils most of the requirement albeit tapering at one end as it is originally designed for the Eglu Model Classic, mine is the larger cube model.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2015

Wish I'd bought this size before - Toadflax,

I've had an Eglu for 10 years now and up to now had a messy jigsaw of Omlet run covers. This one covers the full length of the original run and gives lots of weather protection. Seems much more plasticky than the old ones which is less desirable but just looks so much better.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Good for shade & shelter - Catherine,

This cover is much tougher than I was expecting and works really well for keeping my chickens shaded from the sun and dry when it rains. The only downside is when the rain drives across the run horizontally it goes underneath so it would be good if Omlet made a cover that went to the floor. I will definitely be purchasing a clear version for the darker winter months though.

Good rain cover - Susan,

I bought this to cover our own home-made run and although our run is not same as the Omlet one this is designed for, it has been great at protecting from all the recent rain. I like the heavy quality of the cover and the bungees are easy to hook and unhook as needed.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Great product thanks. - Michael,

Arrived quickly and was as specified on the website. Could be a little larger so it completely covered both sides of the run, but perhaps it is this size for a chicken-friendly reason?

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

Does what it says! - Irenin,

Very useful item as it can be used to protect your chickens from Rain, Wind, Sun and Snow - so far we have used ours to protect them from Rain and Very hot sun! Easy to use and store. Only downside - feel it's slightly expensive for what it is!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2013

Excellent product - Anne, Aveyron,

The cover fits very well and has been a boon during this long winter. Only one criticism - the small ring that secures the ends of the elastics to the bungee hook, is not strong enough - a couple have just popped off and I have had to knot the elastics, which shortens them. Perhaps a strong staple would work better.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

Strong fabric - Westall,

It looks a stronger fabric than the last one I had so I am hoping it won't rot in the way the other did. The last one went lower on one side which cut out more of the rain, otherwise very pleased so far.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

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