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Excellent Eglu Cube cover - Herefordshire,

Replaced a worn and tattered cover with the new heavy duty eglu cube cover - it is brilliant! Thick, strong, fits perfectly to give shade and rain and sun protection. Great buy. Thanks!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2018

Great cover -

I had the original green cover that came with the cube, this lasted 3 years in all weathers and I was very happy to order he same again. When the new cover arrived I realised it was a more heavy duty one which I was very pleased about. Hopefully this one will last even longer. Would definitely recommend.

Verified Purchase: May 2017

Eyelets go rusty and elastic fails after about 6 months -

This is our second cover and its frustrating that the quality of these minor parts lets the overall innovative design down.

Large cover - Derbyshire,

Bought this for my eglu up run as wanted as much wind & rain protection as possible , it has weathered well in its first year and not discoloured, looks smart, although chickens seem happy enough being blown around the garden! I know if it rains hard they are out of a draught.

Verified Purchase: May 2015

Good -

Exactly what it said it was, good quality heavy duty cover

Verified Purchase: Jan 2015

so useful -

Once again, it does what it says on the box, its well made, tough and stays put with the strong rubber ties/hooks. Thank you Omelet.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Heavy duty cover for eglu cube -

This cover is very well made. but in my opinion it could do with being about 2 inches wider so as to come right to the edge, and also longer by about 9 inches just to protect the chickens food from rain. The elastic bungees are fine but there should be six of them rather than just four.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Very useful product -

Does the job; protects the birds from the serious rain and wind so keeping a bit more of the ground dry in the cage. Only problem is that on of the bungee hooks has broken already

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Pretty fab - Nottinghamshire,

Great heavy duty shade - provides a good deal of protection from sun, wind, rain etc, wish I had got one earlier. My only moan about it is that the metal eyelets in each corner where the bungee anchors attach rusted within a couple of weeks !!!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2014

Very good -

I have a omlet cube 2m extension run. The heavy duty cover just covers the first part of the run and also acts as a wind breaker.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

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