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Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Go and Classic - Half Length

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good -

Seems strong and sturdy and provides a reasonable area of shelter from rain and sun to protect the girls and their food. Hopefully it will last a lot longer than the rather pointless lightweight sunshade that I bought before and which shredded to pieces in about a year.

Heavy Duty Cover For Eglu -

Good shade. Much sturdier than the original and good cover for the chickens where their food and drink is.

Excellent! -

We bought this initially to give the chickens some shelter from the torrential rain we kept having! It was easy to fit and was welcome shelter for them both in the rain, and now in the sun!

very good -

very good

Heavy duty cover -

I have a south facing garden and I wanted some shade for my hens. The cover is good quality (better than the one I received with my rabbit eglu). During the recent torrential rain it has also provided shelter. I intend to buy the clear, full length one for the winter.

Hard wearing -

I have 3 cats that love to sit on top of my chooks and watch them... the cats aren't always good with their claws, but this has stood up to their beating so far... I'm very happy with this

Does the job! -

Provides some shelter from the driving rain for the hens allowing them to feed a stay dry. Keeps that area of ground less muddy for a little longer. Sturdy in the high winds.

Working well in winter rain -

The cover that comes with the Go is a sunshade - it will come apart in typical British weather. This one is much more robust and provides a good rain cover. We use it in conjunction with the transparent rain cover on an extended run - gives them a dry conservatory! The chickens seem happy enough, so we are too.

Great cover -

Does the job really well.

Much improved -

This is much improved from the older version, and I am hopeful that this will last longer than the previous thinner version, which perished pretty much in a year. Nicely shaped to be a good fit around the end of the run.

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