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Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Cube - Wind - PACK OF THREE

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a must for the cube -

certainly an excellent buy to shelter the chickens from the wind. works well.

good protection -

We live in a spot which is sheltered from the prevailing winds but unfortunately faces north east, so the garden is quite a frost hollow. We also have three sets of nesting red kites in the vicinity so a hiding place for my 6 little ladies is important - even pigeons flying overhead sends then under the cube. The dust bath is also sheltered from the rain under here.

Fantastic product -

Chucks love it and shelter behind it a lot. Been so valuable thus winter with all the strong winds and rain. Great purchase.

Awkward to fit but worth the effort -

These are a fiddle to fit. I ended up tying all three together and wrapping it round as it is impossible to clip individual covers onto the wire without leaving gaps. I lifted the back levers high enough to be able to fit the cover snuggly around the three sides in one piece. Worth the effort as it now looks neat and is a cosy refuge for my pampered hens.

Definitely necessary for winter -

Since it has got colder and more windy, the hens spend a lot of time sheltering at the back of the run. They don't always want to go up to the egg cube nest and roosting bars.

my chooks love this - Yorkshire,

gives proper shade and protection my chooks love sitting under the cube and hiding

Excellent product -

Where I live is very exposed to the elements and I have the 3 wind covers and the rain cover for my egglu cube run and it keeps my 3 chicks as cosy as they can be on cold days.

Does what is says it does. - South Holland,

Could be better fitted to the pannels, finding a suitable spot for the bungees is hard, we opted for using just 2 on both back corners, and let some light in thru the middle, it gets a bit dark otherwise.

Good -

It is a pity that the chroom rings after a few days In the rain starting to rust

Safe haven for my chickens from the wind. -

These have proved to be very beneficial as were I live can get extremely windy, two miles from Lands End.

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