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Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Cube - Wind - PACK OF THREE

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Excellent -

Gave the girls a much lighter run and still keeps them dry . My old green ones were dried out and needed replacement

great idea shame it does not fit -

We purchased this thinking it would be as well thought out as the cube. However when installing it I thought it was odd with 3 covers all the same size. My initial thoughts were correct as once installed there is a gap of around 7 inches. That being said the girls love the shelter but it would have been nice if it fitted properly

Does good job -

I bought these after noticing in windy conditions the chickens seemed quite unhappy. In general I'm very pleased with them and they certainly huddle under the cube in a much more comfortable way than before. My main criticism of the product is that it is very difficult to fit them snugly due to needing to wrap the hooks around the sides to fit. Therefore a couple of the covers have got ripples in them where I've had to move the hooks to lower levels than ideal.

very good -

I received these shades very quickly as usual.They do the job very well

Fabulous - West Midlands,

What a relief when this arrived, everyone should have one - great protection!

good quality -

As with most of Omlet's goods, these three windbreaks were excellent. It would be much better, however, if the one for the back was LONGER than the other two, as the back section is longer! There is always a bit where the wind blows in on my chickens.

Keep them dry -

These sturdy covers certainly keep the hens dry and shelter them from the wind. The only problem is that they make it difficult to lift the cube onto its back wheels for moving around the garden.

excellent but... -

... would have been much better if they fit without any gaps - a little disappointing as usually omlet products are fantastic

Expensive but worth it. -

Used these on my own enclosure rather than an Eglu to give my ducks some shelter. They easily attached to 1inch by 1/2inch galvanised wire and have stayed put through Gail force winds. Ducks love them too because they almost always sleep beside them rather than in the expensive house I bought them.

fantastic! -

Delighted with the protection given by these covers. It has made a cosy wee area under the eglu for our girls to get out of the worst of the wind and rain and on the few sunnier days has provided additional shade. Perfect!

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