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Snug chickens - Lyn,

We know our chickens are happy in their Eglu but thought they might like to be a bit more cosy this winter so ordered the extreme temperature liners. Some reviews said they were tricky to fit but we had no problems at all. Very happy chickens and customer.

All round excellent - Michael,

Great idea, easy to fit-ideal for the middle of the North York Moors in the middle of winter especially in the frost pocket in which we live.

Big relief just in time for the cold weather - Dawn,

Really pleased this arrived in time for the cold nights. Peace of mind for our Guinea pigs through the winter months. Very easy to fit-one minute job!

work well but fiddly - Victoria,

work well, but fiddly to put into unit, must be a better way to fit them.

Snug - Denise,

Easy to insert into the panels once I had phoned Omlet to ask how to get the panels off. The ladies seem happy with their snug home and it's still airy.

No frozen chicken here - Wendy, Derbyshire,

Popped these in as night temp started to fall, birds seem warm and happy, no problems with red sensitive bits ie wattles?

Great product - Helen,

It's roasty, toasty warm in the Eglu now. The chicks enjoyed their Christmas present with the cold snap we've just had. Thanks Omlet!

Easy to install - Murphy,

Bought the temperature liners ready for the big freeze. Easy to install took just a few moments. Chickens are nice and snug now. Let it snow!

Happy Chickens - Marta,

Daisy, Ginger & Crazy are now 3 happy and warm chickens. Great and warm product.

-15 and counting - Simon,

I have the eglu go with extreme weather insulation. Simple to fit, but I still managed to make a mistake where there are some plastic pegs that are supposed to be avoided and managed to crack the top. I live in Norway and our temperature is -15 and will get colder. The hens seem fine and are able to keep the hutch sufficiently heated with their body heat. Two Light Sussex and a RIR. Simon

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