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Reviews for Heavy Duty Wind Break Kit for Chicken Fencing

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Wind break - Berks,

Good quality, I have ordered more.

Strong and useful - Bedfordshire,

This is good a quality heavyweight windbreak, it does require your fence posts to be the right distance apart and firmly fixed into the ground or in a heavy wind it will act as a sail! I also use it for the sides and roof of a walk-in run - a useful bit of kit for our winter weather and summer sun. **Note for Omlet: - please could you add 2 fixing holes to the sides of your Walk-in run roof covers so they can be held down, this will stop the wind lifting the end roof cover and the the rain getting inside... thanks

Omlet Says: Hi, thanks so much for your feedback, we will definitely pass your recommendation on. Kind regards The Omlet Team

Bought for Eglu Cube 2 meter Run Covers it well for the winter -

Was trying to find a good quality solid cover for the 2 meter run on my eglu Cube and this was the nearest to size I could find. Will come in handy in the winter, thick and good quality.

Weather protection -

Second one of these I've bought as they do the job really well. Longer and wider so gives more coverage on the walk-in-run.

Covers -

Bought to cover the base section of my walk in run, cheaper than 2 separate square covers and slightly bigger.