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Really pleased with my purchases from Omlet -

We ordered the largest coop and walk in run it was all very easy to put together very well explained. Then we ordered the clear wind break kit for the winter, it’s been very cosy for my four girls (Hens).

Good tough material, robust -

Used in several different ways: as walling on the windy side of the run, as a sloping roof over a favourite perch, as a stand alone divider in the run....these wind breaks have shown durability over several years so I'm adding to my collection!

Great product -

Came online to buy more clear covers and saw you now had these, thought I'd try them. I'm very happy, they're much better than the old covers. Three go brilliantly on the top and sides of an eglu cube 3m run. Using the hook bungees I roll the sides up on dry days, this is easier than removing them. I'd recommend these. They're keeping the ground dry.

Weather protection -

This is the 3rd cover bought. My walk-in-run is almost fully protected from the awful weather. These wind breaks are bigger and provide better coverage then the run covers. Wish I had purchased from the start of my run covering campaign.

Clear wind break -

Good idea does work well but if really windy, it needs extra poles just to support the plastic flapping in the wind, makes it more secure. Shines a bit in the sun, but great idea to protect your girls through the cold winter months.

FAB!!!! -

Used this windbreak on my WIR as the size is just perfect when fitting it horizontaly above my Classic and Go (attached from the outside). It meets up with the roof covers so gives far more protection than the tunnel covers I had utilised (no angled openings). Hope you understand my warblings.

Perfect -

Did just what I wanted to keep some of the dreadful rain and wind of my poor hens.

not fit for purpose -

I recently bought and erected the fence/net and it contains the chickens very well (at least the "grown up" ones). However, the windbreak renders the fence very unstable and is not able to be used in the strong winds we get on Anglesey. The idea is good and simple though but anyone who lives in an area subject to strong gusts should not attempt to use this product.

Good size, good quality -

I am very pleased with my purchase, the quality is excellant with sturdy eyelets for tying to the fencing easy to put up and so far doing what its meant for, giving protection from the wind and horizontal rain. The overall response is we shall be buying more as and when needed from Omlet again. Phone Order was very simple and efficient, it arrived quickly within 2 days, in good condition. Thank You

A bargain wind break for my walk-in run -

I bought this wind break to enclose a corner of my Omlet walk in run using some spare bungee clips from a previous purchase. It has worked brilliantly and has created a lovely sheltered corner which is much appreciated by my girls. Excellent value too as it is a good size and could be used for any run.

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