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Verified Reviews for Combi Cover for Eglu Cube - 1m

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Chickens made Easy! - College, Monmouthshire,

Easy to assemble. Easy to use. Easy to clean! Easy to move. Easy to Love!

This reviewer has 4-6 Jersy Giant and Wynd pets

Well made - Jennifer, Monmouthshire,

I use this on the Coop when it rains and when the wind are strong. It protects the chickens. It's great that they can see out of one side while being protected on both sides.

This reviewer has 6-8 Multiple breeds pets

Great product - Corinne, Monmouthshire,

I bought this Eglu Cube ready for when my girls were allowed outside again. It was easy to assemble and it's so easy to keep clean and with the automatic door I bought with it means my girls don't have to wait for me to get up before they are let out. They seem very happy with it as well. I wish I had bought one before now.

This reviewer has 2-4 Warrrens pets

1m combi cover - Ali, Monmouthshire,

Very happy with the cover. Will be buying the larger cover too (when its back in stock) as very happy with the quality.

This reviewer has 2-4 Chicken pets

Great product - David, Monmouthshire,

very happy with my purchase and customer service!

This reviewer has 2-4 Buff Chickens pets

- Jacky, Monmouthshire,

Great product. Fitted well, gives great protection. Our chickens love it.

Good cover - David, Monmouthshire,

As another reviewer has said tends to leave a small gap between house and pen, but pretty easy to fix and keeps the chickens dry and happy.

Excellent, just a bit too short - Clarke, Monmouthshire,

I have had several of these covers over the years and although they are good quality, heavy duty covers, my main issue is that they are a few inches/cm too short from front to back. This means that there is a gap, either at the very front of the run or at the back where the coop meets the run, which lets in rain. Very frustrating and not nice for my chickens, but very easy to fix if the covers were approximately 10cm bigger!

All ready for Winter - Christine, Monmouthshire,

Brilliant cover works really well clear side keeps off rain keeps food and water dry and clean, combines with shade for sunny days. How comfy are "Merlin my Cockrel and his Maids"..