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Verified Reviews for Eglu Coop Weather Protection

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Only covers 2 sides - Rebecca,

I thought I was ordering the 3 sided blanket. We have had single digit temperatures this winter and I have added additional blankets to keep the chickens warm enough. The 3 sided blanket is much better and keeps the chickens warmer.
Review for: Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube Green

Verified Purchase: Nov 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Rhode Island Red pets

Clear Cover - John,

Does what it says on the packet. Shame it took several months to be delivered.
Review for: Clear Cover for Eglu Go - 1m

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 1 Ginger Ranger pets

Omlet Says: Hi John, Thank you very much for leaving us a review. I am happy to hear that you received your cover. We would like to apologise about the delayed delivery. In these uncertain times, Brexit, Covid and the recent Suez canal blockage all impact the global supply chain. Once we have the products back in stock we are dispatching them as soon as possible. We stay at your disposal if you need any further information. Best Regards, Clemence, Omlet Customer Service

If only rain dropped straight down . - Ron,

We have an Eglu on wheels with a 2metre run . Our hens are free range so they only use the run to hide from the rain (they have many shrubs to find shade from the sun ) . None of Eglu’s weather protections are wide enough to protect the hens from driving rain . The length is right but there is a half metre gap on each side. If you have an Eglu on the ground with a run then their weather protection is bang on . Omlet don’t make a cover that fits their higher runs . Oh , and the covers are made in China so you’re better off finding a company that’ll make covers of the correct size near home
Review for: Clear Cover for Eglu Cube - 2m

Verified Purchase: May 2021 This reviewer has 6-8 Orpington’s pets

Omlet Says: Hi Ron, Thank you very much for taking the time to leave us review, it is very important for us to be able to improve our products. I am very sorry to hear that you are not completely satisfied with your product. If you wish to bring any changes to you current installation, don't hesitate to get in contact with us by phone or email, we would be very happy to discuss with you in order to find a more suitable alternative. This cover is designed to cover the majority of the top and one side of the Eglu Cube Run. In addition, the cover is clear and allows light, meaning that it can trap warmth from the sunlight. This is why we left some space at the bottom to allow some air to come through for the chickens comfort. If the weather is particularly extreme, we also have a range of heavy duty covers and windbreakers to add extra protection. However, I will bring this up to our design team, so that they can study possible enhancements that could be made. Our covers are of very good quality. They are made from a long-lasting, heavy duty material that is completely waterproof. It is extremely hardwearing and should last you for years to come. I hope this extra information will help, we stay at your disposal if you need any further information. Best Regards, Clemence, Omlet Customer Services

Bought to replace sun cover on eglu classic - Cordelia,

It’s not huge. It’s Ok, and covers the end of an extended eglu classic run, replacing an almost 13 year old original sun shade
Review for: Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Go - 1m

Verified Purchase: Apr 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 Sapphire pets

- Suzanne,

Had lots of omelet products evertYthing excellent quality,the only thing I would have really liked would be a lot more holes in clear sheet,to tie to my run as it flaps a lot in the strong winds ,thanks
Review for: Clear Wind Break Kit for Chicken Fencing

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. We will pass this on to the product design team. Best wishes, Team Omlet

Holding up.... - Joseph,

So far so good. I would say that it does a decent job in preventing drafts. My concern was moisture buildup, as it might be preventing the little ventilation there is. At times there was condensation between the coop and the blanket, but nothing on the inside of the coop. Please understand that this blanket does not generate heat....the chickens do. If four chickens (maximum I would put in the Eglu) spend the night there, that is the equivalent of a 40 watt bulb. Temperature differences between the coop and the outside have been at best a few degrees Fahrenheit.
Review for: Extreme Temperature Jacket for Eglu Cube Green

Verified Purchase: Aug 2019

Disappointed as inferior product to the original I bought - Janette,

My original cover was destroyed by a horse, otherwise I would not need to replace it. Being forced to buy another cover, was disappointed to see that a replacement was only a strip of padded material & does not cover the back of the Egil cube.
Review for: Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube Green

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Hook broke after a week's use! - Gemma,

I've been using the extreme temperature blanket for a week now & have been very pleased with it. It's very thick and completely water proof. It's easy to unhook and access the nest box on a daily basis. However, upon re-hooking it today after collecting eggs, it went ping! One of the hooks has come off the end of the bungee cord, which is disappointing after just a week's use.
Review for: Extreme Temperature Blanket for Eglu Cube Blue

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review. We will send you today new bungees so you can replace the one broken. Yours, the Omlet team

Curates Egg ... - Trevor,

Have used these to secure Omlet chicken run covers for around 6 years, but life of the elasticated cord is limited to about 2 years. Needs to be better weather-proofed. However, do a good job otherwise.
Review for: Bungee Hooks - Pack of 6

Verified Purchase: Sep 2018

not enough protection - Kirsten,

The clear rain cover is a great idea, but it does not come far enough down at the side so it doesn't offer enough protection from the rain.
Review for: Clear Cover for Eglu Go - Full Length

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