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Does what it says in the description! -

Thanks. This is my first foray into bokashi composting and I'm really enjoying how much less I'm throwing away now I can compost meat and fish bones and scraps.

Great for drying up droppings and dramatically reducing odour -

This stuff is great! I sprinkle a small amount on top of the hens daily layers pellets and on the droppings tray of their Eglu Go. Droppings are drier (so easier to pick up) and virtually no ammonia smell. Highly recommend

Active bran - great product! -

I started using this 2 weeks ago when I added 3 new hens to my existing 2. I was curious if this would make the poop less wet which would be a great benefit with more girls sleeping in the coop. It was worked very well, the pooh us much drier and appears to be smaller than normal, making of the coop easier and the run seems much cleaner than normal. The hens are in great condition and seem to really enjoy the taste. Will definitely buy again

Food of the chicken Gods! -

Your food is amazing. We recently acquired 6 hens, 2 of which we were told no longer layed. After a few days on your food they started producing the loveliest eggs, huge and flavourful. Hail the the omlet chef! Thank you very much from Lilly, Gertrude, Lightning, Bolt, Turbo & McQueenie xx

This should come as standard with chickens -

I was a bit concerned when the product arrived as it referred to use with worms and composting. However I used reviews on this site to understand how to use it and will now always keep it in stock. I put paper in the bottom of my Eglu Go then sprinkle some of this on the top - it really does eliminate most of the odour in the girls bedroom. I then sprinkle a handful over their feed each day and it has made their droppings much firmer and therefore easier to collect.

Brilliant!! -

Love it! The girls love it, Hardly any hen poo smells aand its good for the compost heap! Win win all round! Yay! Im ordering more asap!!

Great Product -

My four chickens love the bran mixed into their food, it makes their droppings firm and easy to clean up and their coop does not smell. I now tip the droppings straight into the compost bin. An all round excellent product

better smelling eglu -

Better smelling eglus when I clean out and hopefully will improve compost heap over winter. Hens eat this so have to replace, but it does go a long way.

Great idea - Cambridgeshire,

I had never heard of this until I got it as a free sample. It's great, the droppings so seem to smell less and makes cleaning the run easier. I will buy some in future.

Really reduced th smell -

Expensive and 1kg doesn't last long but it has reduced the smell, I mix into their food and sprinkle under the bars. I also use garlic powder but have really noticed the smell reduced. I hope it's the same come summer.

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