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Chickens Happy So I am Happy -

No complaints about this product at all and, as I said in the heading, chickens love it so, that's good enough for me. If my fussy ladies are anything to go by, I can recommend this product!

Best yet -

At last I have found a feed my bantams will eat. Been looking for a crumble type for ages. And organic too.Will try the organic corn next time I order. It is expensive though, when you add in the cost of the carriage, but at least they eat it. Will try to keep buying while the budget allows.

Hallelujah - North Yorkshire,

Finally I have found a ‘proper’ chicken food my very picky princesses will eat. I couldn’t be happier. I have struggled ever since I got my beautiful Barnevelder girls as they flatly refuse to eat anything that vaguely resembles a pellet. This consistency is great as it seems like breadcrumbs - although I do have to pick out any long bits and cut them up - yes they have me that well trained!! Thanks Omlet - you have saved the day.

- South Yorkshire,

my chickens are very happy ladies when they are fed this food

Chickens love it -

My 3 girls prefer this feed to other layers pellets. I like the fact that it can also be mixed with warm water and forms a good consistency. Whatever the girls don't eat during the morning they get back like this in the afternoon and it goes down a treat, especially with some corn on the top!

my hens would not eat this feed. -

My hens would not eat the feed. There for it was wasted.

Stick with this and you can't go wrong - Derbyshire,

I have tried (gradually) switching my hens to a cheaper non-organic alternative but it was futile; Daphne and Margot turned their beaks up at 'standard' layer pellets. So I returned to this product and they can't get enough of it, so I will be sticking with it; end of story. The eggs have extremely strong shells and the most beautiful, tasty golden yolks. Happy hens, happy me!!

This is good; our chickens love it - Derbyshire,

One of our 2 hens went 'off lay' and seemed to have stop eating their standard layers pellets, so I ordered two 1kg sample bags...and both girls can't get enough of it. Now 4 days later, she's laid an egg! Coincidence? I don't think so. So the 10kg twin pack is arriving tomorrow. Yes, the post and package costs do make this a pricey buy, but it's worth it - I've been taking photos and uploading them to get my £1 rewards, to save up for the next order :-)

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10 Kg -

Not a bad product our three girls appear to like , good mix and balance of corns compaired to others that they had tried.

feed -

First time we have used the product so nothing to compare it with.

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