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Recommended -

Having tried many feeds over the last four years, Omlet is the one our Sussex Whites prefer. Would have no concerns about recommending this feed to any owner of any breed of chicken. Delivery is fast and efficient too.

happy chickens -

My Silkies are very fussy feeders, these are the only pelet food they will eat!

Organic crumble - great for rescue hens -

I’ve always wanted my rescue hens’ eggs to be organic. Up til now the only organic food I could find for them was pellets which they refused to eat. Frankly didnt blame em cos the stuff looked like wood! Being rescue hens they prefer crumble anyway. A month ago I was so pleased to find this organic crumble from Omlet which looks appetising and they are actually choosing to eat it even when there is some lovely Garvo Alfamix left. So I presume they must like it. Now I’m waiting for an organic version of Garvo Alfamix to come along. Maybe I transfer my fussiness about food to them! Thank you Omlet for this product.

Chickens Happy So I am Happy -

No complaints about this product at all and, as I said in the heading, chickens love it so, that's good enough for me. If my fussy ladies are anything to go by, I can recommend this product!

Best yet -

At last I have found a feed my bantams will eat. Been looking for a crumble type for ages. And organic too.Will try the organic corn next time I order. It is expensive though, when you add in the cost of the carriage, but at least they eat it. Will try to keep buying while the budget allows.

Hallelujah - North Yorkshire,

Finally I have found a ‘proper’ chicken food my very picky princesses will eat. I couldn’t be happier. I have struggled ever since I got my beautiful Barnevelder girls as they flatly refuse to eat anything that vaguely resembles a pellet. This consistency is great as it seems like breadcrumbs - although I do have to pick out any long bits and cut them up - yes they have me that well trained!! Thanks Omlet - you have saved the day.

- South Yorkshire,

my chickens are very happy ladies when they are fed this food

Chickens love it -

My 3 girls prefer this feed to other layers pellets. I like the fact that it can also be mixed with warm water and forms a good consistency. Whatever the girls don't eat during the morning they get back like this in the afternoon and it goes down a treat, especially with some corn on the top!

my hens would not eat this feed. -

My hens would not eat the feed. There for it was wasted.

Stick with this and you can't go wrong - Derbyshire,

I have tried (gradually) switching my hens to a cheaper non-organic alternative but it was futile; Daphne and Margot turned their beaks up at 'standard' layer pellets. So I returned to this product and they can't get enough of it, so I will be sticking with it; end of story. The eggs have extremely strong shells and the most beautiful, tasty golden yolks. Happy hens, happy me!!

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