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Verified Reviews for Feldy High Energy Chicken Pecker Balls - Pack of 6

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tasty pecker balls - Sheridan, Bucks,

they go down a treat

This reviewer has 2-4 2 Rhode Island and 2 pets

Very tasty! - Geri, Bucks,

My chickens love these, one pecker ball lasts 6 chickens all day so they’re good value for money and keeps them entertained.

This reviewer has 4-6 pets

Tasty Treats - Emma, Bucks,

Big hit! Will be ordering again!

Didn't last long! - Sue, Bucks,

Chickens loved them.

Pecker Balls - Elaine, Bucks,

It has taken a few weeks for my 9 girls to try these, now they have they demolish them within hours of filling the holder. They are expensive so they will only get them on wet and horrid days when they can't free range, or if we are going away for a few days and leaving them in the care of neighbours...which with Covid19 around won't be for a long while yet. Larger sized packs would be good, thus hopefully reducing price and p&p.

Chickens loved them - Judith, Bucks,

My chickens loved the pecker balls but only when I placed them on the floor. Unfortunately, when the treats were inside the treat holder, the chickens were not interested at all in pecking at them.

Chickens LOVE these - Jan, Bucks,

At first they didn't want them, they wouldn't even try them...not sure why. BUT when they did try them they (3 hens) will eat a whole one in a couple of hours so I tend to only give them one per week as a treat.

- Helen, Bucks,

Feldy produce the highest quality products for chickens. Our little flock of three has used their pecker block before and now we can't wait to use the same fabulous ingredients in the balls. They last ages and are a fabulous supplement to their diet.