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Reviews for Poultry Corn 'n' Grit Treat

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Tasty treat, chickens really enjoyed it. -

The chickens enjoyed this straight away, and although initially I thought that it was only going to last 10 minutes, they then took their time with it a bit more. Unfortunately, I forgot to take it in one night, and some creature of the night has enjoyed the rest of it... oops!

Corn 'n' Grit Treat -

My chickens love this and it is great to give them something else to do for a change.

Poultry Corn 'n' Grit Treat -

My hens really loved this, it was a great treat for them when I have to keep them in the run.

Fab corn n grit treat - Dorset,

Our 3 girls loved this hanging from some string in their walk in run! It took them about 2 days to get that it was a treat but once started they took it in turns to peck and eat the delicious nibble.....it was all gone by another 4 days!

An enjoyable treat! -

The girls love this - they enjoy a good peck and it can keep them entertained for ages!

Tidy treat! -

The girls loved this. It comes with a handy hanging hook so it keeps it off the ground and keeps it clean. I bought it more for "entertainment" than for nutrition as I felt the girls were getting a bit nippy (literally) with each other over winter. This keeps them busy and lasted the four of them well over a week as it swings around and they have to work for it more than a scattering of seeds on the ground. Will buy again.

Our hens loved it! -

I bought this as part of a 'fun box' for my partner for Christmas and he thinks it is a great product.

Chickens think this is brilliant! -

When they see my toddler carrying one of these to put in their run, they mob him and they are devoured in a couple of hours by our 4!

corn and grit treat depends on chicken -

Our Bantams really loved this treat but our larger chicken didnt like it at all. The Bantam demolished it completely.

Chickens loved it! -

We've bought similar products before but the chickens loved this one way more!

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