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Best hen food - Amanda,

I would not feed my hens anything else. The only problem is the delivery charge which would be prohibitive if I were on a budget.

My chickens love it - James, Suffolk,

My chickens thrive on these excellent layer pellets. It keeps them healthy and they produce lovely rich, creamy, dark brown eggs. Would recommend this product.

My hens love it - Neil,

I've always used organic layers pellets but my current batch of hens weren't too keen on it, preferring corn instead, which they'd go mad for. I tried Omlet's food instead and the hens loved it from day 1. They gobble it down and are now producing more and larger eggs. They even turn their noses up at the corn treats now! Although they are eating more, which means I have to buy more food, this is offset by the lower price than the organic pellets I was buying (which have shot up in price recently).

Happy hens - Sarah,

My hens love Omlet organic feed. I ran out and had to make an emergency purchase of another brand and my hens actually preferred to wait to eat until their Omlet feed arrived. There was a bit of a mix up with the delivery company not leaving a note to say they had failed to deliver, and not advising me that they thought the package was damaged so they returned it to Omlet. As soon as I contacted Omlet and it became clear that this had happened, I was sent a new delivery immediately, which arrived within 48 hours. Omlet customer service is absolutely brilliant.

Very good - Anna,

I bought organic omlet feed as an additional feed to my hens pellets. As it is different in texture to my regular pellets I have been able to use it as treat rather than a feed. This gives my hens a good variety of feed of a great quality. They won't miss a crumb!

Organic chicken food - Sue,

The chickens can't wait to be let out in the morning. They dash straight for the Omlet organic food. They love it!!

Great product. - Annette,

My girls can't get enough of this feed. Very convenient having the grit mixed in this feed already.

Chickens love it but lot of powder/dust - Lisa,

Our chickens really enjoy this food but I have noticed recently that there is a lot of dust/powder in the bags which is a little disappointing. Good product though and will continue to use.

Great for ex commercials - Emily,

My chickens love this food. They are ex commercials so I don't want to pump eggs out of them via laying feed. This seems to be the ONLY feed I can find not focussed on laying! They have reproductive problems too due to their unfair design (egg production) so this feed I believe is invaluable to help with not making them worse. Please don't ever discontinue it!!!

My chickens first choice - Jackie,

My 5 different hybrid chickens, now 19 weeks simply love the Omlet Organic chicken Feed. I had bought a variety of food - layers pellets, mixed corn and 'treats' but it is the Omlet feed they always rush to and I am constantly refilling! This feed contains all the elements needed for a healthy chicken diet so I have very happy lively chickens.

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