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Verified Reviews for Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack

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Top Quality Chicken Food! - Janet,

My 3 girls LOVE this food, especially when made into a mash - they cluck at the backdoor until they get it every morning since using this brand! My two eldest girls have both been through their first major moult a couple of months ago and looked a bit tatty, but I noticed as soon as they started on this feed their plumage recovered very quickly and they are now just starting to lay again. My new hen has just laid her first egg this week too! This food is great but almost twice the price of my previous feed (but I think worth it if my girls are happy and healthy!), the only down side is the cost of postage and not being able to buy locally - when you only have 3 chickens you only really need to buy one pack at once because of the short shelf life - this is why I've given 4 and not 5 stars but its a first rate feed for your chickens!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2012

super duper - Neil,

Chickens seemed to like this feed-I must admit I haven't tried it myself...........

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Very good - Sally,

This was the first food other than layers mash that I had given my girls after they were rescued (ex batts). Although they guts everything I give them, they seem to really enjoy this. I took up the offer of the two bags for £16 and I have only just finished bag one. I have been easing the girls off their layers mash so haven't had to use as much of this but it still seems to last well. As with some of the other reviews, I found that towards the end of the bag the food tends to have a more dusty consistency but the chooks seem to gobble it up just the same. I would recommend :) x

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

very pleased - Martin,

My girls look a lot healthier on this feed than they did on the layers pellets I was using before. They are really enjoying their food again.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Great - Helen,

Their poos are not as stinky and large ! A little bit crumbley but they now turn their noses up at the other pellets !!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2012

Good food. - Debbie,

The hens love the food. One of the bags split in the post so we lost about 1/4 of one of the bags of food.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Very tasty - Sandy,

The organic feed is great as an addition to my muesli, and the chickens seem to like it too.

the chickens like it! - Ruth,

Very easy to scoop into the feeding trough and the chickens eat it readily and they seem to be well nourished and produce good hard shelled eggs.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

A bit dusty this time... - Jane,

My hens like this feed, but this delivery seemed to be dustier than last time.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2019

Appears to be a very good product - Rosemary,

I say "appears" because I haven't personally tried it!!! But the chickens definitely approve!

Verified Purchase: May 2013

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