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Verified Reviews for Marriage's Organic Mixed Corn - 20kg

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Feathered Friends Appreciation - Sonia, Berkshire,

We loved much better than the usual stuff they gave us! "They" were pleased with the ordering process and delivery Can't stop....just popping round to the back door to blag some more. Love Olive, Mabel & Trixie

Great, plastic-free product - An Omleteer, Berkshire,

We always choose the paper sack over the plastic ones and it's great quality. The sack is sturdy and can be reused, and is reasonably easy to lift and move. Great product!

No rubbish! - Amye, Berkshire,

A lovely mix of grain, wheat and maize, with no rubbish added and no chaff. My ladies love this and it helps me train them to head down towards the coop in the early evening after free ranging in the day. I've decanted it into big storage bins to keep it fresh, since it arrives in a paper sack which is very very weighty. I use a scoop to serve it which means there is less waste. There is never the smallest amount left on the ground and the ladies have even sussed out where the corn bin is in the cottage! To top it all its organic. Will be coming back for more when I need to, this will be a staple for my girls, alongside the Marriages Layers Pellets.

Eglu cube - Sue, Berkshire,

We love our cube, it looks great and is easy to use. We purchased an orange on and the only thing I would say is that even with a good scrub the dirt doesn't come off the ladder completely to make it look like new,. Having said that the chickens are very happy and so are we!

Good quality - Julia, Berkshire,

Good selection of corns hens are loving it.

Not a hit - Zsuzsanna, Berkshire,

This mixed corn isn't a hit with our chicken, maybe because it has a very low maize content, barely visible. They don't like the wheat too much probably, they don't eat 1 cupful in 2 days (6 birds). I'll mix it with more cracked corn.

They mob me for it - Sharon, Berkshire,

My girls love this second only to bokashi. Amusing to watch them running over as soon as they see the corn bowl come out, and the frantic dash to get to the bowl before I have sprinkled it on the ground. Always use this corn now - no bits they won't eat (which is not the case with some varieties I have purchased).

Quality grain - Vanessa, Berkshire,

My girls love this corn as a treat late in the afternoon.

very good - Christine, Berkshire,

I have three black rock hens and they love it, the eggs are great

Can't get enough! - Lorna, Berkshire,

My hens love this and they simply cannot get enough of it. They know where it is kept to and will raid the feed bin if they get the chance. My 2yr old daughter gives them their corn just before bedtime and they wait outside the door on her bringing it out to them.

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