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Amazing food for chics - Renata, Hertfordshire,

This chicken feed is absolutely amazing. My chickens were laying hardly one egg a week are now laying beautiful big eggs with rich yolk daily. I am definitely sticking to this for a long time. Worth every penny.

Great organic layers pellets - Elena,

Our hens are fed an organic diet and love these pellets.

- Claire,

Great product Prompt delivery

Excellent - easily as good as Garvo & a lot easier to get hold of - Catherine,

This is an excellent new product. My wee chickens (Polands and Frizzles) love it and as with Garvo (which I've used before) it makes them a little less loose. They seem very healthy on this with bright eyes, good feathers and good feet.

Marriages organic layers pellets - Jamieson,

My six hens love these pellets. I like the fact that they are made with natural ingredients. I add mixed corn so the 20kg sack lasts about one month.

Excellent food for my girls - Marina,

layers pellets - Savina,

The girls seemed to like it,especially mixed with mixed corn.

Perfect - Louise,

As with everything from omlet! Thank you x

Excellent - Cathy,

My three chickens love this food and I 'm happy they are having a non GM organic feed.

pellets - Crosley,

these organic pellets are much enjoyed by my girls and laying well in spite of the weather

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