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Reviews for Marriage's Organic Layers Pellets - 20kg

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Organic Pellets -

On reflection this was rather a large bag to buy for two chickens but I liked the idea of being organic etc. Whilst they do eat it, I have found they much prefer the pellets mashed up and I have to use a pretty heavy duty pestle and mortar to crush the pellets. Add a little water to the crumbs and they go down even better. Next time I will buy a smaller quantity and probably look for an organic mash type food. Adding a little bit of bokashi bran to the mash seems to help as well.

My chickens love this -

My two chickens eat the layers pellets mixed with corn and every couple of days we fill up again. Eggs are the biggest we've every had and they lay every day. Can't ask for any more than that!

? -

They aren't keen on it

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