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Reviews for 6kg Blenheim Poultry Feeder with Rain Hat (with legs)

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Blenheim Poultry Feeder -

An excellent product. Food is kept clean and not wasted

Excellent -

Excellent feeder does the job keeps food dry so 4 happy chicken

Good size, keeps food dry, easy to refill -

I have 8 large hens and this feeder is a great size for them. Easy to top up and carry around thanks to the handle under the lid. Only slight complaint would be that the roof comes down a little low so the hens can be a bit uncomfortable squeezing underneath. But easy to glue a couple of ridges inside to make it sit a bit higher. Also if you fill it too full you will need to give it a good shake to help the food fall down properly.

Useful and substantial - North Yorkshire,

This feeder is robust and withstands the wind and rain we get across the fields around us. The hood is great to keep the food dry.

Great feeder. No more mess. - Hertfordshire,

My two girls took to it straight away, the hood was a little scarey but food was too essential. It's easy to fill and the legs keep the food from being spoilt as mud splash causes soggy feed.

Excellent -

Keeps the food dry and clean, and do not need to refill so often. Easy to fill. Sturdy. The legs make it easier for the girls to get to the food. Less spillage too.

Not a good buy! -

Took a very long time to slot together so I am loath to take it apart again for cleaning. The rain "hat" is of limited value as the brim is not wide enough.

I like it, my hens like it. -

Another great product sold by Omlet. Plastic is sturdy, solid material. No sharp edges. Should last for many years. Comes with rain hat to keep the food dry if it were to rain and legs to raise it a few inches off the ground. It's the first thing my hens go to when they come out of the coop for there morning feed. I really like it too.

6kg Blenheim Poultry Feeder with Rain Hat (with legs) - Cambridgeshire,

I have found this to be an excellent feeder for my three hens. They found it a little strange to begin with as they had been used to an Omlet Cup Feeder but they soon became familiar with it. They are red on Layer Mash and this does sometimes need a little shake to get it to come through but generally it is OK. The legs make it much easier for the hens to reach the food and I also stand mine on a couple of bricks to give a little more height. Thoroughly recommended.

great product -

i love this feeder, it looks attractive and is easy to clean.

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