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Reviews for 6kg Blenheim Poultry Feeder with Rain Hat (with legs)

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Brilliant ! -

This feeder is great, the selling images imply it comes with the legs (see pic with the product) which I complained about and was sent a free set (I see they have not removed the "legs pic yet !)... The other review said the rain hat fits lower than the main pic shows, this is only if you don't use the small green hat as well, if you pop it over that it's perfect ! Make sure you get or buy the legs ! they make a huge difference, with some simple diy you could hang this quite easily though it should be an option in the design.. Overall fabulous and keeps the feed clean, in place and plenty of room for many chickens. Well worth buying.

Virtually eliminates feed waste! -

This feeder virtually eliminates feed waste caused by birds flicking feed onto the ground. The circular design stops 1 or 2 birds monopolising the feed! The rain hat is wide enough to keep feed dry too. I would definately buy the feet for it (like I didn't but wish I had!!). You can't hang it and use the rain hat as the hanging bar is situated under the rain hat. If you use it without the rain hat bantams at least can jump onto the top and pooh in the feed! The hat sits lower on the feeder than the photo shows so Polands may scuff their crests on the edge. But, all in all, a robust feeder at a fair price.

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