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sturdy and good - Heather,

this drinker is sturdy, holds lots of water and is easy to carry. The trough is wide for the birds to drink from. However, I find it quite hard to twist the base into the slots. There is nothing to get a grip on. I do not want to use the handle as I think it may weaken it. The slots need to be kept absolutely clean or it is impossible to twist the parts together.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2017

Good size - Kim,

We bought this so I could add ACV to the girls water. Their Glug water seemed to get dirty very quickly, especially after dust bathing. The drinker is a great size and easy to keep clean, a soapy wash twice a week gets rid of the slime. It is a little hard to undo and do up as you have to grip the dome between your feet to put the top on and slide it into the catches. Mine has leaked a couple of times because I didnt (or wasnt able to) turn it completely closed. Make sure this is done or your chickens will be left without water all day. Luckily I saw the water level get lower and was able to ask my husband to tighten the dish for me.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012