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Grit station -

Excellent product. Good size. I won't need to fill it up for ages and the little blighters can't knock it over.

Sturdy feeder -

Very sturdy grit feeder. Doesn't get knocked over and grit stays dry.

Good solid feeder - Powys,

Very pleased with it. Just a pity it only comes in red!

Good -

Much larger than expected, chooks knocked the lid off several times but drilled a couple of holes, secured with cable ties and is great

Bit boring! -

At least that's what the chickens think - I think they vote with their feet as far as grit is concerned. After the first couple of days they seem to ignore it.

Excellent -

Very good quality

Far too big -

Your reputation is built on your small chicken houses. Did nobody measure the grit feeder before they promoted it? It is a great item but far too big for the houses you sell.

Omlet Says: Hello, it's Stephanie from Omlet. Thank you for your review, your feedback is really important to us. At 27cm x 27cm, the Grit Station is the ideal size for holding a reasonable quantity of Mixed Grit, whilst allowing enough space for the hens to fit their heads through comfortably. There is plenty of room in the Eglu Run to allow the Grit Station to be placed. We wouldn't suggest placing it in the Eglu House itself due to this being an area for sleeping and nesting. I know that you have returned the item and been refunded so I hope that you are happy with the service and will continue to shop from Omlet.

Sectioned grit feeder -

I have had no problems with this unit , chickens use it well , we have mixture of chicken sizes . Keeps grit dry and secure

Quality with a hitch -

The feeder is robustly made and looks great in the hen run. However the lid or roof is extremely difficult to attach securely after filling the feeder with grit. Frequently it comes off or the hens have no problem taking it off, for this reason only I have awarded only 3 stars because this makes it a bit of a pain to use. On the plus side the feeder is a good sensible size and does not need refilling too frequently as it holds a 2kg bag of grit.

Money well spent -

The grit feeder is brightly coloured stable and made of good quality plastic.I hope that it doesn't fade like my red clip on feeders have that I got with my egloo go . The girls were very curious as usual and already using it .The feeder is large but this means that there is less to fill up each day and the size makes it very stable. The only criticism is the fact that the roof does keep on very well and takes time to attach properly .

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