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Verified Reviews for Eton 3kg Plastic Poultry Feeder RED

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Happy Chickens! - Sharon, Buckinghamshire,

The feeder works ok but the chickens have worked out how to remove the top!! 2

Chickens love it - Kathryn, Buckinghamshire,

My little ladies love it, the handle at the top makes it easier to hang. 2

Chicken feeder - Shirley, Buckinghamshire,

Very reasonable price, quick delivery, does the job it's meant to do - feeding my chickens successfully 2

Excellent Feeder - Peter, Buckinghamshire,

Excellent feeder, excellent price, well packaged and quick delivery. 2

Does the job - Helen, Buckinghamshire,

This feeder holds enough for more hens than I have - I would say about 6. It's easy to put the food in and the hens can get at it without trouble. However, it is a bit flimsy and if you want to hang it by a chain you will have to find a hook. 2

Excellent value overall - Karen, Buckinghamshire,

Feeder is easy to clean and no waste with the food. Downside is that the lid is always being knocked as I leave it on the ground to enable me to recover it every evening. The only solution to this is to put a bit of wire around the handle to hold the lid on. 2