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2.5 - Terry,

I was a bit displeased with the condition of the Grub which must have been on display and was dirty. However it was easy enough to clean .

More room for improvement? - Ben,

I got a complete eglu kit (with chickens!) from a friend last week who could not look after chickens anymore. I returned to the run this evening to 'see me ladies to bed' and discovered they had tipped their GLUG over, leaving them no water. I have built my own run, rather than using the omlet one and realised the moulded clips on the back of the Grub were not going to be of any use on my fencing. I made a 'snack shack' out of wood and have placed the GRUB bowl inside to keep it protected from the elements. The Glug would be better designed with a flatter bottom so it could be free-standing and less likely to be knocked over. Both Grub and Glugs could be easier cleaned (for the more fustiduous of us) if they both had a horizontal hinge half way up the back so they would open up oyster shell-like for easier cleaning. Please see what you can come up with, eggheads!

new model glugs - Caroline,

The new glugs with the plastic hooks don't work well on a sloping site. They regularly fall off the run whichever side I hook them, or however firmly I attach them. Ones with the metal hooks were excellent, and I had no problem with these.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2016

Good size, but fittings not great - Kim,

I'm pleased with the size of the feeders, they hold plenty of food and water so I can leave my chickens overnight and know they will be ok. However, I don't have an Eglu run, and the fittings are a strange size - they don't fit on normal wire. I had to cut a hole in the wire that we have to fit them on, which is a real shame.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

Grub's fine but glug not so good - Margaret,

I bought this set as an addition to the set I already have for my two girls; this was to enable me to go away overnight. The grub is exactly the same as the original and eventually they learned where the extra food was. However, the glug does not fit over the wires of the run as the original one does (and it is the water supply that was so important). I didn't have enough time to send it back so it stands on the ground where they have learned to use it. Unfortunately that also allows them to throw grass into it which means it has to be cleaned out more frequently. I suggest anyone buying a new one should carefully inspect the hooks which go over the wire and make sure that they are long enough to keep the glug on the wires of the run before they use it.

Verified Purchase: May 2012

OK - Stanley,

OK but difficult to clean out as I can't get my hand inside.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2011

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