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Eggcellent - An Omleteer,

Great feeders.... I bought theese even though I dont have an Eglu. They just slotted onto the wire of my run. So much better than on the ground or hanging feeders and chickens seem happy too.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

Glug and Grub - An Omleteer,

Excellent products which work extremely well. Chooks can no longer knock their food and drink all over the place. The Glug and Grub hold a good amount of pellets and water. I do not have an eglu house but it was easy to fix the containers to the run.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Handy second glug & grub - An Omleteer,

Great products and handy to have a second set in the run for my three hens - no worries that they'll run out of anything! V

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Glug and Grub - An Omleteer,

We have found the above product to be really good easy to fill both glug and grub. We dont have an Eglu, but we have been able to adapt them to fit onto our chicken coop.And all 4 of our ex bats love eating and drinking from them.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Glug and Grub - An Omleteer,

Replaced our existing feeder and drinker for yours. Much improved. Hens drink readily and it keeps much cleaner. Same with feeder. Very pleased.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Glug and grub green - An Omleteer,

Now I've got two of each no amount of henpecking and jostling will leave any of my ex-battery girls hungry or thirsty. So easy to keep clean too.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2011

Such a neat idea! - An Omleteer,

Even though we don't own an Eglu or Cube we ordered these because our hens kept tipping their traditional feeder and drinker over while we were out at work. We've managed to attach these to our run by snipping small holes in the mesh. This raises the food and water off the floor which means more room in the run and no more spillages! Excellent products and happy hens, we'll be ordering more and recommending them to our chicken keeping friends.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

Glug & Grub - An Omleteer,

Very good. In immediate use for chickens, secure, easy to fill, easy to clean.

Verified Purchase: May 2009

Fab! - An Omleteer,

Having four hens in the eglu meant they would often queue for water. They now each have their own space. Also means we can have one inside the run and one outside.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2015

Glug & Grub - An Omleteer,

Very good product, essy to fill and clean

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