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excellent product -

This makes the chore of feed and watering the hens much easier as it can be carried in one hand when combined with the frame.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

Fantastic -

Great design. The chickens took a while to get the hang of them as i think they were used to different type feeders. Easy to keep clean and hold good quantities of both feed and water and the chickens now love them!

good product -

keeps food dry and is easy to fill . Added bonus is that it is dishwasher safe

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Excellent -

The glug and grub are fabulous for our very active and scratchy hens,Shirley (Bassey) and Pink (Pink). We could rent them out as mini rotavators!! We had a run built for them so they have a house and mini run,bigger run and then the garden when allowed. They seem to like the bit of garden that has the bulbs or new planting in it.They have laid one or two eggs everhy day for the last 7 months. They have warm mash for breakfast every day in the cold weather now.Having ane easier food and drink dispenser has been fantastic as the traditional dispensers needed to be cleared out nearly every day, the water certainly did, but with the glug and grub it needs far less changing. They stand neatly alongside the wire fencing as we don't have the right fencing to attach them to

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

Lovely but awkward to hang -

I love it and so do the hens but it's meant for eglu owners and not other coops with different mesh sizes very awkward to rig up wires to attach it to our coop. Please invent a universal one all you great designers over at omlet.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

good strong eyecatching item -

Bought this as a 60 birthday gift for the guy who has everything well he has now

Verified Purchase: Oct 2011

Egg-cellent -

My two hens love these they both insist on using the same feeding hole at the same time which is funny to watch. Love the design easy to hang, strong hard wearing plastic.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

2.5 -

I was a bit displeased with the condition of the Grub which must have been on display and was dirty. However it was easy enough to clean .

Great product - Derbyshire,

I purchased the extra set so that I am able to swap and wash them with less time pressure. Why only 4 stars? Water collects in the bracket and rim so even if they have been draining all day they still have to be dried inside.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Great product -

Great to buy these on the special offer price. Doubled up nicely for my cube run ready for when we go away, making sure they will have plenty of food and drink whilst we are away

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014

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