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Verified Reviews for New Eglu Cube Drinker - Green

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Excellent product - Annie, Ayrshire,


Great idea - Carolyn, Ayrshire,

Our two Mottled Pekins quickly got to grips with the Eglu Feeder and drinker, and having them off the ground, is better for their run 2

- Reita, Ayrshire,

Very pleased with the feeder 2

Green Eglu drinker - Karen, Ayrshire,

I love that it attaches to a kennel off the ground. It keeps their water much cleaner. They don't try to perch on it either. I bought the feeder about 8 months ago and love the style also. Keeps the food dry. 2

It's great - Heather, Ayrshire,

This drinker is a good size easy to clean well made. And my chucks say thank you 2

Excellent product! - Linda, Ayrshire,

So much better than the old drinkers which had teats underneath for the chickens to drink from which always leaked! This design is very simple and fits easily onto the cage we built and the 'run' attached to the Cube. Holds plenty of water and nice and wide so a few chickens can drink at the same time. Perfect. Bought 2! 2

Eglu cube drinker - An Omleteer, Ayrshire,

Well made heavy plastic drinker. The description said it was suitable for the eglu classic. It does fit on the wire but there's no way that you can hang it so it's raised off the ground as it is too heavy when filled. I have to hook it on the lowest bars and sit it on the ground. 2

- Sally, Ayrshire,

Good size and easy to clean. Only downside is that the handle has sharp edges that dig into your hand if you carry the drinker full of water. Would be better if the handle had smooth edges. 2

- Jayne, Ayrshire,

Brilliant product love the new design, much better access for the chickens and the clip attachment stops it falling off -a problem I found with the old shape drinker. Love the shiny surface too 2

Omlet drinker - Allison, Ayrshire,

Very sturdy build with strong clips to fasten to fencing, but very difficult to keep clean due to shape, dirt and grit get stuck in the bottom. Apart from this happy with item. I do have the Omlet feeder also which I find almost impossible to open in order to clean!! 2

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