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good quality chicken feed -

My chickens love this feed no matter what else they have eaten during the day.

Tasty Treat -

All the chucks come running for me when they see me heading out in the afternoon with this. They love it .


My four not-so-old hens stopped laying for a while. I knew they liked Omlet food as we'd used it before a while back and hoped it might pep them up a bit. WELL! I don't know what it is about the food...maybe they just prefer the smaller crumb? ...but we're back to 2 eggs a day. Not cheap but its clearly worked a treat on my gals - thank yoouuuuuu!

Excellent -

We bought it because one of our chicken was pecking its egg It has now stopped which is great!

My girls love this corn mix. -

This is a good quality corn. Always buy from Omlet. The girls love it. I put it in their poppy peck toys and toy ball and it keeps them entertained for hours. Great price and lasts for ages and I have six hens.

Excellent feed - Suffolk,

This is the only chicken feed that my very fussy girls will eat...

Good product -

First time I have tried Ruby with this product she seems to like it when mixed in with her chicken delight seed

Good quality -

Happy with this product as I really wanted my chickens to eat organically - they love it

Our hens tuck into this! -

Just bought some of this as the P&P was free (an offer) and our hybrids love it; I've refilled their feeder twice in a few days - so happy hens! Oh and the local male and female blackbirds are stealing some each day too, so even the wildlife like it!!

good food everything in! -

good to have the two packs in bags I can actually lift and know that it is good quality food with everything our hens need - thank you - prompt service

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