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Verified Reviews for Brinsea Mini II ECO STARTER PACK

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Fist time 100% successful. - Sally, Essex,

I bought this a short while ago . We put 6 duck eggs in it . We now have 6 ducklings.

Brilliant products and great value - Emily, Essex,

Brilliant products and great value as a starter pack. Came with really clear instructions and as a complete beginner I found it super easy to use and understand. Successful hatch of my chicks that are all happily sitting in the brooder with their brindles heat lamp. Very happy with all products and service.

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Very happy chicks! - Graham, Essex,

I bought this as a birthday present for my wife. We have two ageing hens, and weren’t really sure whether we wanted more or not, mainly because I’m not to fond of the poop in the garden. However, I decided to put Mrs T first and ordered the kit - ‘she’ll either love me or think I’m mad, probably both!’ Anyway, we had 5 out of 6 eggs hatched in the incubator and the little darlings are now loving their brooder, just as they would a mother hen! This is, quite honestly, the best gift I have ever bought.

Great product - Ian, Essex,

Bought this as a way of getting chickens kids and parents both loved watching the process would recommend to anyone