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Reviews for Biolink Liquid Egg Wash - 1L

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Confidence in the product -

Pleased with this wash. Feel happier that the eggs are cleaned.

Biolink Liquid Egg Wash - 1L - Kent,

This is brilliant. We put any surplus eggs out for our neighbours. During the wet weather we found that our chooks' beds were getting dirty too and whilst everyone said the mud makes the eggs look authentic I much prefer giving out clean eggs, with no health side effects. Great Product A++++

Does the job -

Little bit of tepid water in the sink with some of this, leave eggs to soak for 5 minuets. Quick wipe over and you're done

Does what it says on the bottle! -

Great product, my chickens, but more often geese leave dirty eggs. Added to water in a minute quantity and using a micro fibre cloth gets rid off all the mess safely.

Only needed for incubators -

As a newbie, I thought I would need this, but when you read the bottle label it is clear the product is really only useful for extra hygiene when you plan to incubate your fertilised hens eggs. So a waste of money for me! Most of my girls lay perfectly clean eggs or only need a swift rinse under a tap and dry with a kitchen towel.

Seems ok -

Only used in emergency!

Works well, easy to use, lasts -

Like the other correspondent, I couldn't possibly say if the product meets scientific standards but it's easy to use, long-lasting because it dilutes 1 to 200 and the eggs come up beautifully. It certainly reassures me and none of the numerous people I have given our duck eggs to have reported anything other than, 'lovely eggs'.

good for washing mucky eggs -

Certainly washes the eggs with ease. Much better than just tap water. I cannot rate whether it is effective against MRSA, viruses, yeasts or fungi as this would require a microbiology lab to test. All I can say is my family and I have not been unwell eating our eggs, but then we never have been!