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Verified Reviews for Battles Red Mite Powder - 500g

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Seems perfectly fine - Alison, London,

Arrived well packaged and speedily, chickens all seem fine, not a lot more to say! 2

This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Red Mite Pwder - Frances, London,

Does the business in an easy accessible container. 2

Efficient product - Cath, London,

My coop had a dreaded red mite infestation. The hens were suffering too: their combs lost colour. Though I haven't managed to eradicate the mites from the coop, this powder has kept them off my hens. I also sprinkled quite a bit in their dusting area which seemed to help. Their combs are a much brighter red now too. The only drawback is that it has an overpowering perfume. A bit of a 'grandma's talc' smell. But that may not bother others as it did me! 2

Red mite powder - Joe, London,

Worked a treat. Used it on both my hens and also brushed into the wood of the coop. Had to use it twice, but they are now all clear and no repeats. 2

Great product - Suze, London,

We used this in conjunction with the red mite spray, rubbed it on their legs as they were limping and sprinkled in into the bark in their enclosure as they like making little divots to sit in and chucking dirt everywhere so it definitely gets in all their feathers! They're no longer limping so it has helped clear their skin of mites, which is good. Tub lasted well so far too. 2

Great! - Isobel, London,

Quick delivery to France Very effective for my hens, after suffering red mites during the hot weather I particularly appreciate the Eco friendly pack, and packaging - thanks! 2

Does what it says - Amy, London,

Used the red mite power have not seen any since using it very good product . 2

Excellent product - Sharon, London,

I spotted early signs of red mite when cleaning my wooden coop and used the powder in conjunction with the liquid product and it has worked a treat. I keep checking and reapplying just in case but no re infestation so far. 2

Essential Purchase - Emma, London,

I use this inside eglu as well as on chickens themselves to prevent red spider mite literally eating them alive. The mite is very active during warmer months so particularly important to use this time of year. I would recommend using in well ventilated area as very strong stuff. 2

good seems to have worked so far - Susanna, London,

Good product seems to have worked so far and was easy to put on. 2

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