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Reviews for Battles Red Mite Powder - 500g

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Application Problems - An Omleteer,

This comes in a cylindrical container, which has holes in the top for dusting it on. However, more ended up in our laps than on the birds; the container is disastrous and totally not thought out. We've seen competitive products in squeezy bottles with a tapered neck/nozzle, which would make them much better for getting under a bird's feathers. Once on though, it is probably very effective, though we gave up. I've bought some diatomatious earth which is supposed to do the same job but is not poisonous, being just a fine earth, like talcum. However, we've yet to try it. It comes in a decent squeezy bottle. Sorry, think again!!!

Red mite powder - An Omleteer,

Worked brilliantly, recommend it to anyone who has a red mite problem.

Red Mite Powder - An Omleteer,

Pros - it works. Cons - the top has holes in it for sprinkling sealed with sticky paper, it should have a proper lid to stop the powder spilling out. How much would it cost to put a lid on it.

Red Mite Powder - 500g - An Omleteer,

Excellent product which does what it says on the tin - so it's worth the outlay for the large quantity even though a couple of chickens only need a little. the pink powder looked quite fetching on my white chickens...

Red Mite Powder - An Omleteer,

Easy to apply, smells nice... I think it's working! Shame the top doesn't seal - I'm worried about it getting damp in the shed. It comes out very quickly.... I've found the best way to apply is to hold the hen by her ankles lying on her back on my lap - if that helps?

Great stuff - An Omleteer,

Very fast despatch - and not costing more than local farm shop (including postage) so well done Omlet

Red Mite Powder - An Omleteer,

we have tried aerosols before but to no effect. The powder worked a treat within a couple of days! Very impressed!!

Great product - An Omleteer,

Does the job although is messy to apply - use an apron & gloves! Very speedy delivery.

Recommended - An Omleteer,

This was the cheapest that I found this product delivery very quick and product easy to use.

Red Mite Powder - An Omleteer,

Have only used it once,when I saw one mite in the coup.haven't seen any more so I guess it worked.I didnt like the smell, very strong.

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