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Verified Reviews for DE Clean and dry Puffer bottle - 100g

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Deter Parasites - Wray, Essex,

Good stuff however the puffer didn't work very well, fine dust one minute big clogs the next and I thought I could top it back up after buying a large tub so I could continue using it as a puffer but you cannot get the lid off.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Great product - Sarah,

Have always used diatomaceous earth in the bedding in the coop and sprayed into corners, etc., and to date (fingers crossed) I have not had a problem with mites so it's obviously working! This product is very fine so you need to leave a minute or two before you let the hens back into the house after application so they don't breathe too much of it in, but it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the coop.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2013

lice powder - Raymond,

i sprinckle this in my girls dust bath i built for them they love the bath and the powder helps to keep them clean

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

I have bought many goods from your company and am pleased with them all. - Stella,

The egg carosel is functional but takes up a little too much room on the work surface. The egg cups were much appreciated by the children who received them. The dia earth is working as far as I can tell, the organic feed is enjoyed by my hens. Your service is prompt and the website is easy to use.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Diatomaceous Earth - Sarah,

Bottle is easy to handle when holding a wriggling hen on your own. Gives a decend puff of powder which goes in the area directed at. To early to tell if it's done it's job.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Handy in conjunction with 1kg tub - An Omleteer,

Definitely worth buying this puffer bottle - it holds more than you'd expect and distributes the product well (distributing it any other way is, quite frankly, tricky!). Be sure to keep shaking the product down as the DE powder is so fine it regularly clogs up the hole with powder-mass. I refilled from the 1kg tub with a spoon and basic plastic funnel. DE itself very good for absorbing moisture and deterring fleas etc.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2009

Mrs - An Omleteer,

Does what it says on the packet! We had tried everything but after two applications our troublesome deep pile rug was pest free. Excellent and far cheaper than similar products.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009

D E - An Omleteer,

Weird powder that is a natural product and seems to work. Recommend it!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2010

Diatomaceous Earth - An Omleteer,

Easy to aim when squirting into nest box... Shake a bit over food... I hope it's working!

DE - An Omleteer,

Great product, seems to do the job and very versatile. A refill would be a good idea . Would recommend it .

Verified Purchase: Mar 2010

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