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Verified Reviews for DE Clean and dry Puffer bottle - 100g

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Very satisfied - Mike,

This powder is a treat to use, and very effective. This is something I would strongly recommend to everyone who keeps animals.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

Very happy - Lamb,

Brillant service and good product. Thank you.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Diatomaceous earth - Lesley,

Good delivery. Easy to use. Does what it says on the tub.

Verified Purchase: May 2013

Great product - Brianna,

Great product, have never had a problem with worms or mites/fleas/ticks since using it. However I would utter caution as many people dont seem to understand that dangers of this product because it is 'natural' does not mean it is safe. Be very careful breathing it in. Also you do not want to get this anywhere near your soil, it will wreck soil that has taken 10+ years to gather! It is great as a preventitive wormer, however my cat had a bad infestation and DE did not work in this case, it as always worked on the chook though. Use, but use with caution!

great all rounder - Halima,

Great stuff use for my hens and rabbits sprinkle in their bedding

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

Great stuff! - Jane,

I now use this miracle powder for almost everything, including squirting into the wheeliebin to keep it smell-free. It seems to be so effective with all chicken-related issues that one hardly needs to buy any other product!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Diatomaceous earth - Kathy,

I put into duct bath and did not deter our girls

This has never let me down. - Jody,

I have been using DE for years and i have never had any kind of mite infestion because of it; plus, one bottle lasts a very long time.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

Very good product - Kymberley,

Very good, easy to use, only need a very small handful - a little does go a really long way. Hens make a terrible noise when i put it on but they dont understnad its for there own good! i use it in the grubs aswell, dont mix it will oil though as i find it coats the pellets well anyway. I have also sprinkled my cat with this and its been fantastic. Really good that its a natural product too and its very effective, i have used it over the past 18 months! I wouldnt recommend anything else to do the job!!!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Works - Helen,

Easy to use.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2012

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