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I have bought many goods from your company and am pleased with them all. - Stella,

The egg carosel is functional but takes up a little too much room on the work surface. The egg cups were much appreciated by the children who received them. The dia earth is working as far as I can tell, the organic feed is enjoyed by my hens. Your service is prompt and the website is easy to use.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Recommend - Cox,

Used this product to kill an outbreak of mites from pet food that had reached it's sell by date (unbeknown to me). Took 3 attempts to get completely rid but had severe case! Recommend. Also highly recommend Omlet - very friendly and helpful customer services, bought and received next day so fast delivery.

Diatomaceous Earth - Sarah,

Bottle is easy to handle when holding a wriggling hen on your own. Gives a decend puff of powder which goes in the area directed at. To early to tell if it's done it's job.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Great product - Norah,

I was being bitten to bits because of my lousy chicken now all's well in the coop and I can get up close and cuddle my 3 wee chookies- great product.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2012

Brilliant works like magic - Chris,

I used this product on one of my hens recently, dusted the nest box etc & it worked really well. I asked for an urgent delivery & it came the next day.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

Works a treat! - Karen,

Purchased this for my pet dog as I was sick and tired of subjecting him to nasty chemicals to control any flea/tick infestations. Have been adding to daily food and no further instances of any troublesome pests of any description. Would recommend to anyone reluctant to use commercial flea treatments, I can now rest assured knowing this product is 100% natural. Thank you. (Delivery was super fast too!)

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

excellent - Janet,

Excellent to use....I have mixed it with food pellets and yoghurt hens ate it all. Hope 'scientifically it does what it should.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Excellent product - Catherine,

I had tried other red mite control products but this is the easiest to use. I also prefer it as it is a natural product. It is very effective. I lightly dust the nest box bedding as well as each end of the roosting perch.

Great Stuff - Linda,

I have recently found my girl's coup has red mite. I have cleaned the coop and dusted this product in the coop and on the birds. My girls seem much happier since I have used this. I wish I had routinely used this before the mites came.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

Diatomaceous Earth - An Omleteer,

We use this on our four birds, both mixed in their food and in their dustbaths, and fingers crossed it has kept us lice and mite free sice we've been using it.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2010

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