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Diatomaceous - An Omleteer,

Still in the early stages of using it so have only given it a 3 star, but hoping to up grade it to a 5 star. Was very pleased with the delivery, ordered it one day and received it the next. Very impressed. Thanks.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

Diatomaceous Earth - 100g - An Omleteer,

Works very well on ridding compost bins of fruit fly

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

A very good product - An Omleteer,

This is a good product and I found there was a lot more in that little bottle than i had expected :) It sorted out our little lice problem in a few days and I would recommend it.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Effective - An Omleteer,

We have been using this product from day 1 as a preventative and to date have seen no parasites. Every week the entire unit is scrubbed and sanitised, once dry this powder is sprinkled throughout the house and then along the run. The girls love to roll around in it, it does them no harm at all, and I feel confident knowing their nesting/sleeping area is keeping them parasite free. One bottle lasts a long time too.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

unreserved recommendation. - An Omleteer,

I decided to try this product as I got sick of the smell of the chemicals which lingered for more than a day when I used chemical fumigation product. I used it for my carpet and I wore a mask as a precaution when I used this product and it was fine. I like the fact that it kills the eggs of the house insects too so the treatment is more complete. I must wait for a few more months or even a year to see the real effect, but so far I have not had any problems and I am happy with the product.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

diatomaceous earth - An Omleteer,

good - but when i sprinkle it into the chicken's dust bath, they eye the white powder suspiciously and move on.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

Diatomacious Earth - An Omleteer,

This is an excellent product not just for chickens but for all animals or plants.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Diatomaceous Earth - An Omleteer,

My girls are on soil so when it's time to clean out the run I spread this around liberally before I put a fresh lot of Hemcore in. It certainly does the job and I can honestly say that they don't smell, even in this hot weather!

Verified Purchase: May 2009

Worked for lice - An Omleteer,

I used DE to treat my hens for lice , and it worked a treat! I previously tried a lice powder which did not work so would recommend DE, it also has other uses which is great.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2007

Going cheap - An Omleteer,

This product is great value for money. I use it every day and it ALWAYS gets results!

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