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Verified Reviews for Diatomaceous Earth - DE Clean and Dry - 1Kg

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Effective but poor packaging - Sandra,

Tried this when I found my hens had lice again as they always seem to know when I'm trying to catch them to spray them and run a mile! I use it in their dust baths and around the Eglu and it seems to do the trick. Bought the large tub as I'd had good results with the smaller puffer bottle but the packaging is awful and I haven't managed to get the lid off yet - I'm waiting for someone with stronger hands than me to get it open.

Great Value - Claire,

We've used diatomaceous earth to keep away mites, etc since getting our chickens 18 months ago and it works brilliantly. The value of this tub is excellent. The only down side is that it is difficult to get the powder out of the tub without spilling some! Overall well worth having in the shed for use when needed and for powdering the Eglu with every once in a while to be sure.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2016

great value, applicator would be useful - An Omleteer,

Effective, easy to use, and great value when brought at this size. My only quibble is that if you didn't buy the smaller package first, you'd want to buy an applicator of some kind as well.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Diatomaceous earth - An Omleteer,

This is really interesting stuff. I'm not sure if it works or not yet, but I have had no signs of red mite for a month. I have tried putting a bit in with the layers pellets, but it doesn't stick well, so I'll try mixing some with our kitchen scraps.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2009

Diatom - An Omleteer,

We thought we'd try this to prevent infestations rather than treat one we have so I can't really say how effective it is. It's certainly versatile though because as well as using in a dust bath you can feed it to most animals and use it as fertiliser.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

good all rounder - An Omleteer,

I got the large tub of this this time, because it is so useful and i fill up my smaller "puffer" type tubes from the larger one, so I can put it on the chickens, round the house and they can even eat it!! during the cold weather when dust bathing has not been so easy it's been peace of mind to keep the parasites at bay. It's not available in stores near where I live, so the large tub is a good idea. The order went a bit wrong and was sent the wrong thing, but easily rectified by phoning omlet and was able to exchange it free of charge. Am pleased with the product and the service.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2010