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Diatomaceous Earth - An Omleteer,

I ordered Diatomaceous Earth and it arrived the following day. Great. I added it to the chickens bedding and all the parasites seem to have gone. I have tried to get the chickens interested in a bath containing Diatomaceous Earth but so far no luck. Any suggestions ? I have tried new sand and old sand and a mix of both leaving it in where they normally scratch but no luck. It is early days yet.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

Mite work, mite not - An Omleteer,

This powder is easy to use, especially if you also get the smaller size and use the big pot to refill it. It squirts out of the smaller pot so can be easily directed into the nooks and crannies of your Eglu. However, I'm not sure how effective it is because I have been coating the inside of the Eglu Cube and food bowl with it every week for about a month and there are still some mites in the bottom of the Eglu every week when I clean it out. It may be that there would have been more mites if I hadn't used the powder, but it hasn't been 100% effective. However, I haven't managed to coat the chickens in it too, so maybe it would have worked better then.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011