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Wish I had bought one sooner -

Our garden had become a mess and our decking was forever having to be hosed down. It got to the point where we thought it was a bad idea having chickens. But thankfully we decided to buy the Omlet fencing in the hope we could get back to normal. And it did! The fencing is surprisingly well made and although a bit fiddly to assemble the instructions were very clear. Ideally the fencing could be higher as they sometimes fly over the top but that’s a minor issue and we can live with the occasional escapee. Having said that they were used to roaming the whole garden before and it does seem to be getting less and less as they get used to the new set up. And I’m not sure I’d like the look of a higher fence. So overall a very happy customer and can easily recommend.

Handy To Use -

I ordered this to separate a portion of my backyard for some ducks I was fostering. I set this up by myself and although ideally two people could do this easier, I managed okay.

Response to review - Co. Cork,

I recently placed what I would have to say was a negative review of the Omlet Fencing kit. I have been very impressed with the response from Omlet, replacement parts were dispatched immediately without being requested, along with apology and advice on how to get the best from the product. So thank you, I very much appreciate your positive customer service.

Chicken fencing - West Yorkshire,

I used the chicken fencing to make a permanent run in the corner of my garden. Love that it blends in to the trees and surroundings. Needed some help to start off but then managed on my own to put the rest in place. Only difficult bit was pressing in the buttons to adjust the height of the poles, I found some very hard to push in which was a bit frustrating. Very pleased with the finished look.

Chicken Fence -

Very impressed.Strong yet neat looking.Bit folded on unpacking but hubby discovered in B&Q some plant supports and these help hold the fence firmer.Bantams did hope over but so far wing clip stopped this.

Great product -

The fencing was received quickly and well packed. It was easy to assemble and looks good. It is sturdy and the height is perfect. The door in is also very safe and well constructed.

So far, so good -

Set up took a few hours and was a bit frustrating at times, but now that it's set up it looks great. Chickens seem to be happy and now maybe my plants can survive!


Love this fencing. It blends well with the yard and keeps the chickens safe.

Good, but stretched netting out of box prevents 5* -

Fencing allows chickens to be out all day with peace of mind. Cats won’t get in, but it wouldn’t stop a fox. Protects the rest of your garden and stops hens escaping. Recommended.

Excellent Product -

This suits our garden perfectly. Plenty of room for the chickens to roam but they cant get into the flowers and veggie patch. Love that the netting is not imposing and doesn't detract from the garden. Have clipped the primary feathers on chickens so they can't fly over when they get panicked by the pigeons

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