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Well designed - NSW,

I was impressed with how well thought out this chicken fence is. Everything needed was in the box, easy to follow instructions, and good quality materials. The fence has been up for a month now and there have been no problems to report. Highly recommended.

Great quality, practical and very effective -

We have several Omlet products and like their practical, effective design and great quality. We actually bought this fencing to keep the chickens out of the area we were trying to garden. We then acquired, unexpectedly, an orphaned goat kid and lamb. This fencing kept them safely contained in the garden allowing us to upgrade the fencing in the field. The fencing is robust, easy to assemble and beautifully made. We will continue to use Omlet for these products are they are always good and the quality is guaranteed.


Excellent product, lightweight but very strong. Couldn't use guyropes as needed clear access around area so used a wooden post at each corner to take any stresses. The gate works very well and is cleverly designed. May be expensive in comparison to DIY solution but worth it.

Excellent fence it works as expected. - Maryland,

Using fence to prevent a toddle from easy access to a deep water pond. The gate works really well and we added some pipe poles using wire ties to add strength and stability to the fence and gate. This is probably an unusual use of the fence kit but the fencing material is quite strong and inexpensive...a very good value. Don Emery

Excellent product! -

We have just replaced our old Omlet fencing, now 4 years old. We were happy with that but find the new product is sturdier and still easy to erect and looks unobtrusive in the garden. Instructions are clear and full. I suspect my hens don't like it - it prevents them ruining my flower beds!!

Omlet Chicken Fencing -

We absolutely love it ... our flock loves it also! We were looking for a fencing system that was easy to install, cost effective, and wouldn't be permanently secured in our yard such as traditional fencing methods with concrete and fence posts. Omlet's Chicken Fencing was the perfect solution and checked off all the boxes on our wish list!

Totally Pleased with Purchase! - Vermont,

I was a little skeptical about this fencing being worth the cost. I mean, it’s just just chicken fencing. So it’s more! The additional height matters. The gate enclosure is a simple but effective design that even my young child can do independently. It’s visually pleasing which is important since our chicken coop in on our front yard. I’m so happy that we sprang for this purchase! I’ll be looking into more Omlet purchases.

Problem Solved - WA,

My Omelet fencing has solved the problem I had of keeping my girls off my verandah and out of the herb garden. I have cut it and used it in a straight line rather than its intended use as an enclosure. The gate is easy to use and way better that the dodgy set up I had made myself. I was impressed with its quality and the instructions. Watching the video was also very beneficial to erecting the fence.

Excellent adaptable fencing - gives hens space but keeps them safe and off the veg beds -

Great fencing adaptable to different perimeter configurations, and I am confident the chicken are reasonably secure (and the dog can't get in!). They can poke their heads through the mesh to grab things that they fancy. I have already moved it several times to give them fresh pasture, and 21m gives my 3 hens great space to roam. It's a bit fiddly to move - best tip is to decide where the gate goes first!


Very pleased with the fence. I didn’t use it for chickens, but put it around my vegetable garden. It stops my dogs and a have a few rabbits in my area from getting in. I did put an extra star picket on the corners and made sure it was secure at the bottom. So far very good.

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