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Disappointing - Rosie,

This was bought to replace our original Omlet fencing which was broken and tangled after 16 years. The video of the new style looked brilliant so we ordered it via telephone. Customer Services was excellent and delivery was very fast and efficient. The package was really small and the fencing folded in half which still has not straightened out despite guy ropes and waiting. The quality of the fencing was very poor and disappointing. It is what I would use to support my plants. I think it makes it poor value for money. It also makes it hard to.keep straight between the poles and sags in places despite the many hours spent in assembling it. The poles were another issue. They did not fit together easily and got stuck adding to our frustration . We were grateful to get some replacements free of charge. The fencing took us days to assemble and we would suggest that the quality is improved and arrives unfolded and poles come ready assembled. However our mature hens are safe and have not escaped. We like the height too.

This reviewer has 4-6 Hybrid pets

Omlet Says: Hi Rosie, thank you for taking the time to review your purchase. I'm so glad to hear your experience when dealing with our customer service advisors was so pleasant. I'm sorry that you aren't as satisfied with the product itself. Your feedback however, is extremely helpful. This is something I will be sure to log and pass onto our product design team for future reference. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and who better than our customers themselves to advise us!

Best purchase ever - Tracy,

As new chicken owners we soon discovered letting them free range ALL of the garden was not a good idea if we wanted to retain any plants and not spend every day washing down the patio. Now they have a corner of the garden and the fence is brilliant, strong and secure for purpose whilst blending in naturally in the background. I would highly recommend this to give them lots of space and the cat has reclaimed the rest of the garden back!

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 4-6 3silkies, 2 peking a pets

Beware if you have other critters in the area - Jeff,

I’ve had this fence for two weeks and I guess it was a possum that Ate a hole in the back corner in the fence. Now, I have new holes after patching old holes. Every few nights, there’s a new whole, and then I have chickens everywhere. Great idea in theory if you’re in a concrete jungle, but this fence won’t hold up too much. I live inside the city and have just a few big trees in the area. Even my large chickens have managed to break a few pieces of fence.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021

Omlet Says: Good morning Jeff, thank you for your review. Unfortunately this fencing isn't predator proof, it is only intended as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area. This is really helpful feedback though. I will make sure to pass it onto our product design team as it's definitely something we can look into.

Chicken fencing very easy to put together - Jean,

Absolutely delighted with it will probley purchase one again

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 6-8 Red hens pets

Brilliant - An Omleteer,

I bought this a month ago and I’m so happy I did well worth the money

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Chickens/ white star pets

Omlet For My Three Girls - Malu,

This product is of excellent quality which is easy to assemble and easy to move around too. They have kept my three girls securely inside ... although on one or two occasions one of my hens has tried to climb up unsuccessfully. She's a flighty one and refuses to be held or touched. I highly recommend this product for the enjoyment of your pets as well as yours as owner.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020 This reviewer has 2-4 Barter Brown pets

Exactly how it was described - Helen, ACT,

This fencing was simple to put up, and the chooks have a great area now to roam. Looks so neat and tidy too! Highly recommended.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Isa Browns pets

Ok - Cath,

I was really happy with the prompt arrival and how quick and easy it was to put together and build the fence. However, one of the clips just doesn't fit properly and affects the gate closing mechanism.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 6-8 pets

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review! I'm sorry to hear that. Please feel free to contact our customer service team and explain this as we would be more than happy to send some replacement clips for you.

Easy install - Rose,

I bought this product based on how much we love their hanging peck toys and the really good reviews I’ve read on chicken websites. This product really works and very easy to install. The chickens were ruining our yard and needed a temporary fence to contain them but still let them forage. It’s easy enough to install so that we can move the fence quickly. The gate is surprisingly easy to use yet the clips holding it closed feels secure. Since we bought fencing longer than we initially need We’ve purchased another gate kit to fence a second area. I like that the fencing is black which makes it blend into the background.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 This reviewer has 6-8 Barred Rocks, Austra pets

Not great for the price... - Charlie, WEST YORKSHIRE,

I am usually over the moon with Omlet products and have spent thousands so far on my chickens and rabbits with Omlet stuff... So I'm sad to say that I really wasn't satisfied with this particular product :( I could have made something very similar myself, for a lot cheaper, however the ease of Omlets stuff usually, led me to believe this would be a quick and easy thing to put up. In fairness, I didn't read too much into the set-up before purchase, but for the price I had presumed that things like the poles would come read-made - I broke my nails trying to press the metal buttons in putting the poles together. The fact that it comes folded also made putting it up, more challenging as the crease just made things a whole lot harder. My ground isn't flat either and I wasn't going in a full square/circle which meant that I could have done with extra poles than provided. I think if you're doing it on a flat ground in a full square like they have pictured it, then it would be fine, but disappointing if you have any other shape/land type. Also, when it was up it sagged in-between the posts but I believe this to be because of the irregular shape (not stated in the product description this would be an issue). Most importantly though, it didn't actually keep my chickens in, they flew over within 5 minutes! I won't be clipping their wings as there are things within the enclosure that require them to fly up to for enrichment (not near the fence so not the issue regarding escaping). I would have justified the cost if the poles came ready to use otherwise I think the price point is too high.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 10+ pets

Omlet Says: Hi Charlie! Thank you for leaving us a review. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't entirely satisfied with your purchase. Unfortunately we can't guarantee that your chickens won't be able to fly over the fencing, especially without clipped wings as each individual chickens flight capabilities vary. In regards to fencing sagging, please do feel free to contact our customer service team and we would be happy to send out some extra guy ropes/poles if necessary.

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