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Excellent - Rosanna,

Very strong quality well priced product from Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

excellent - Barbara,

great item, just what I was looking for and very fast delivery.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2019

look robust - Lucille,

bought these when i bought a plastic cover as didn't realise the cover would come with 6, so have spares. They are pretty robust, so sure they will come in useful at some point:)

Verified Purchase: Nov 2012

Nice and secure - Lynne,

The bungees are great for securing the shades - we have one on an Eglu, and a tarpaulin on a standard coop run, and they always stay put, but are easy to move or take off in nicer weather.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

useful - Butler,

Useful and always handy to have around, certainly beats fiddling around with bits of string.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

Very good - Terry,

Very pleased with Bungee Hooks

Verified Purchase: Jul 2011

Eggcellent!!! - Kath,

I purchased this product to secure my new fun shades, bought some spares too as I bought additional shades for future use. As you can see my brood love them.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Did the job just Great - Sue,

I ordered these to make a sun shade / rain shelter out of some canvas that I already had. They made it very easy to attach and they keep the shade securely attached to the roof of my 4 m Go run.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Excellent - Lizzy,

A god send if the original ones are chewed through! Good idea to be able to buy them individually too.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

At last - spare bungee hooks - Sue,

I've been waiting for bungee hooks to show up in the Omlet shop since 2007. I used these to securely attach a new 'window clear' tarpaulin to cover most of the 2m run attached to my Eglucube. Now my girls are protected from cold wind and driving rain. You can never have too many of these and a few spares tucked away is always useful. I've even used them to attach bird feeders to tree branches. Thank you Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

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