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Verified Reviews for Bungee Hooks - Pack of 6

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Great! - Cherry,

Very useful item! But I found it a bit shorter than before when I had some? 2

Very good - Riz,

I bought some extra as I use 2 on the Omlet WIR to close the doors behind me. 2

Being prepared - John,

Great product, and now to hand to replace any existing ones that might eventually succomb to the ravages of the Shetland climate's winds. 2

Excellent - Rosanna,

Very strong quality well priced product from Omlet. 2

excellent - Barbara,

great item, just what I was looking for and very fast delivery. 2

look robust - Lucille,

bought these when i bought a plastic cover as didn't realise the cover would come with 6, so have spares. They are pretty robust, so sure they will come in useful at some point:) 2

Nice and secure - Lynne,

The bungees are great for securing the shades - we have one on an Eglu, and a tarpaulin on a standard coop run, and they always stay put, but are easy to move or take off in nicer weather. 2

useful - Butler,

Useful and always handy to have around, certainly beats fiddling around with bits of string. 2

Very good - Terry,

Very pleased with Bungee Hooks 2

Eggcellent!!! - Kath,

I purchased this product to secure my new fun shades, bought some spares too as I bought additional shades for future use. As you can see my brood love them. 2

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