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Best alternative for bedding - Tim, North Yorkshire,

I have tried a few different bedding alternatives, straw, woodshavings, auboise. And whilst I would say auboise is a close second, easichick is the best. More recently, auboise seems to have become more dusty and there is not even a wisp of dust with easichick. It smells great (kind of pine-esque) and absorbs wonderfully. It also doesn't blow around, and isn't scratched out of the nest in the same way as other beddings. It comes in a 10kg bag, auboise comes in a 20kg bag, and gram for gram easichick is actually cheaper (£12 for 20kg of easichick £13 for 20kg of auboise) but you do get less easichick in terms of the size of bags, even if you do buy to. As it is wood based and auboise it hemp based, you get more auboise for your weight. I would say though a 10kg bag is much better as I spend less time decanting from the bag like I did with a big load of auboise, as I can just carry the bag to the coop. I think easichick also makes up for its slightly reduced quantity by lasting longer in the nest, and smelling so wonderful. In all my experience, easichick is the best bedding alternative.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2016

Great! - Elora, Leicestershire,

Comes in pack bigger than expected, covers the coops floor in just several handfuls and has a fresh clean smell. It also looks nicer than straw. Also my bantams had no desire to scratch and kick it all out of the coop as soon as I put it in, like they used to do with straw :S really happy with this product!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

Brilliant! - Julie,

After trying lots of products for my run floor I couldn't be happier. This wins! It smells lovely and my chickens seem to love it too. Will be buying again.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2012

Good - Alison,

Good product, absorbs well, will buy again.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2014

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