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Value for money!! - Alan,

The chickens seem to like it which is all that matters!!

Ok - Victoria, Hampshire,

I personally don't really like this and am going to go back to my other bedding. There's nothing wrong with it, it does the job, but for me it's too messy and I prefer to give my girls a more cosier coop.

AUBIOSE BEDDING 20kg - Christine,

This bedding is wonderful for smaller animals eg rabbits etc and very clean to use. However if you have several hens (over 6) I would recommend normal hay as this stuff is difficult to handle don't misunderstand me it is very good and clean but better for smaller animals.

Experiment - Hayley,

I bought this as an experiment. The product I usually buy, the eco cardboard bedding, was no longer available. I am happy with it and would buy it again. My rabbit also appears to like it too. It’s a bit messy but does the job

Aubiose Bedding - Chloe,


Aubiose Bedding - Lynne,

Great, but i was hoping for something softer for my featherless friends. Topped it off with carefresh confetti bedding... yes my girls are spoilt!

Excellent bedding for chickens - Kevin,

This bedding is superabsorbent and last for ages, doesn't clump together like sawdust or paper based products.

Great stuff - , Staffordshire,

Used this stuff for years, I've kept many animals over the years, (Tortoises, Chickens, Horses, Rats, Hamsters, Rabbits etc) and this is a brilliant substrate/Bedding for them. Would highly recommend it.

Aubiose bedding - Margaret,

Great product and the bedding we have always used for our hens.

Great Product - Randy,

I just put this down in my hen house. I put it on the floor as well as nesting areas, and it looks and feels better than the wood shavings I have been using. It is more robust when walking on and doesn't break down as fast as the wood shavings.It has a nice fresh smell as well. Highly recommend.

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