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Reviews for Aubiose Bedding - 20kg

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Aubiose bedding -

Great product and the bedding we have always used for our hens.

Great Product -

I just put this down in my hen house. I put it on the floor as well as nesting areas, and it looks and feels better than the wood shavings I have been using. It is more robust when walking on and doesn't break down as fast as the wood shavings.It has a nice fresh smell as well. Highly recommend.

Great bedding - Dorset,

My chickens are very happy to roost on this bedding and it is very easy to clean up.

Fantastic -

I get double duty out of Aubiose; my chickens love it in the nest box in my Eglu cube. When I clean out, the dirty aubiose gets sprinkled on the droppings tray (that are lined with newspaper) and this soaks up the dropping when the girls roost at night. The whole lot then just gets tipped into the compost bin. I've tried hay, sawdust and shredded paper - nothing works as well as this! It keeps everything dry, smelling clean and the flies are much less than other bedding I've tried. I have 9 chickens and a bale will last me 6 months, so it's well worth it!

Excellent bedding for chickens and guinea pigs -

We use Aubiose in our Eglu Go coop nesting box and as a flooring in the large guinea pig cage. It lasts AGES so is great value for money and decomposes quickly in the compost bin. Since changing from wood shavings to Aubiose, we've dramatically reduced the amount of waste thrown into the bin and we're spending less money - win win!

Good bedding for our hens AND guinea pigs - Derbyshire,

This is excellent value for money; it lasts ages and goes straight into the compost bin after use. The hens nest on it (in our Eglu Go) and the guinea pigs seem to like it their large indoor home; very snug for all the animals.

This is excellent bedding for chickens AND guinea pigs -

Fantastic product! Great for nesting box bedding in the coop and as a floor covering in our guinea pigs large indoor home; they don't kick it all over the place like wood shavings. It's clearly going to last AGES so is excellent value for money. Its going in the compost bin too.

They love it ! -

The hens just love Aubiose. It's easy to use and replace. Great for the compost heap too !!!

Very clean product -

Should last for ages and does a great job as bedding for my 4 chickens

Hemp chicken bedding- fantastic product and value -

This is a massive compressed bag of hemp 'sawdust' material, lasts ages, smells fresh & earthy, easy to poop scoop coop, chickens love it. A bag of chicken litter sawdust costing £8.99 was only lasting 3 changes, So far I must have had about 8 changes and not half way through yet, even being really generous with layering.Has kept the chicks warm and snuggly all winter.

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