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Reviews for Aubiose Bedding - 20kg

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aubiose bedding -

This bedding is great. I bought it for my three pampered hens, and it's ideal, absorbent.

Excellent bedding -

Great bedding for the roost, absorbs well and stays dry, lasts for ages too, very economical. Great deep bedding for winter months too.

Duck Bedding -

The ducks seem to like it! It stays very clean and dry. Happy with the product and service. The product didn't arrive at the right time, having paid for express delivery, but Omlet were more than happy to refund the express postage fee so I was very happy with that. Will order from you again. Many thanks.

Ambrose bedding -

Excellent coverage using a lot less of this bedding in my chicken coup than the straw I used before smells better to any poo is soon recoverable love it is great stuff.

Aubiose -

Fabulous product, fabulous service will certainly buy again from Omlet. Thank you.

Great product,suits all pets -

Tried this for the first time as didn't like using wood shavings for house bunnies,(what we previously used is discontinued).nice,clean product,no smells from bunnies and they don't carry it all around the house,as they did with wood shavings.Also tried using this with our ducks,nice soft and absorbent.Easy to dispose of and lightweight.

Great Buy! -

I have always used wood shavings for my chickens but found these not very economical as there was always a lot of waste and cleaning out the chickens was very time consuming, so I decided to try Aubiose Bedding and I'm so glad I did. Cleaning the chicken house now takes far less time and there's very little waste. I'll definitely be buy more when this bale is finished. p.s. it's great for storing my home grown potatoes in and when they're all used I'll be able to use it for my chickens.

ambiose bedding -

Fantastic product for my chickens very easy to remove any dropping without throwing lots of bedding out . I used straw before and I was forever changing it . Great price to .


Excellent bedding at a good price

Bedding -

Good product. Makes cleaning hen houses easier. Ideal for my baby chicks and growers. This is the first bale I have had and it looks as if it's economical to use and will last a long time.

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